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A successful lobbying strategy is not just about meeting with politicians or bureaucrats and convincing them about the importance of your interests. You need to create the context necessary for success by formulating a smart media strategy. Zephyr Government Strategies can help formulate a smart and proactive media strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your operations and help you better advertise your interests.

News outlets and social media are vital parts of doing business with the public sector, and they cannot be ignored. That is why it is absolutely critical to know how to use the media to your advantage and set up a platform to succeed. Zephyr can help you form a smart media strategy to help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure you reach your intended audience for whichever goals you have set.

In today’s high-paced world, words spread fast and opinions form quick. Social media amplifies the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the modern media, and many struggle with overcoming unpleasant — and untrue — characterizations that spread online, often to their great detriment. Zephyr can help you manage messaging to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the media’s reactions. We know how to gauge and understand what is popular, how to use public opinion data to your advantage, how to predict how certain messages would go over with reporters, and how to maximize the impact you have among the Springfield political audience. 

 How Zephyr Government Strategies Can Help Your Organization

Zephyr believes that the key to a successful media strategy is targeting. Illinois is bustling with activity and the state is constantly changing, so it is easy to be lost in the sheer volume of the media noise and the news surrounding Springfield and the entirety of the Land of Lincoln. We know how to help you target specific news outlets and how to reach out to specific groups to ensure you reach your intended audience. Our connections and positive relationships across the media sphere will help ensure your messaging is well-crafted and intelligent while our experience in targeting will ensure it is laser-focused and effective at reaching the exact audience you need to in order to be successful.

Our team also understands that having a clear voice with consistent messaging is critical to success. The news can be relentless, and the media can be hard to break through. Honest, consistent messaging will help you overcome any media scrutiny you may encounter. Coupling that with a clear voice will help you break through the noise and excel where others fall short. 

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What is a smart media strategy?

▪ A smart media strategy helps you maintain a positive image in the media and anticipate how people will react to your organization’s work in order to avoid a potentially catastrophic trial-by-media. An experienced lobbyist can help you formulate an intelligent media strategy through consultation with media leaders, familiarity with political reporters, and experience in the political scene. Zephyr understands how a good relationship with the media can be of existential importance to your organization, and we have the know-how to help you stay one step ahead of what is on the news.

What is Zephyr’s experience in communications?

▪ Zephyr keeps close track of media developments for all of our clients; we scour headlines from all over the state to both help you stay ahead of developments in your industry and to help us understand how we can best represent you in the massive stage that is the Illinois media market. Past work for clients also includes making case-by-case news story pitches and offering intelligent advice on how to best package announcements and messaging to maximize media coverage.

Michael Cassidy Founder and Principal

Before launching Zephyr, Michael spent more than a decade as Senior Vice President for State Government Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting, where he counseled a diverse roster of clients, helping them define and achieve a wide range of objectives at all levels of government. In addition to his state government affairs work, Michael led the firm’s national multi-state practice, helping clients in statehouses across the country. Whether developing and executing a stakeholder engagement strategy, finding and managing teams of contract lobbyists or managing new market entry, Michael has an extensive network across the country that can help clients reach their goals.

Michael began his career as a senior legislative staffer for former Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, where he gained an appreciation for legislative dynamics, including balancing the interests of various constituencies, driving momentum by forming creative coalitions, and effectively leveraging media attention to build critical support for the caucus and its initiatives.

“We realize that dealing with government at all levels can be scary, but so is being trapped in the old school status quo. Zephyr helps our clients navigate the government maze with confidence by finding the right exit ramp and by promoting mutual wins. While valuable outcomes don’t often come easily, we believe that clear thinking and hard work is the shortest distance between two points.“

Jeremy Duffee Executive Vice President

Prior to joining Zephyr, Jeremy spent nearly half a decade working for McGuireWoods Consulting where he managed the office’s legislative tracking platform and provided analysis of all pending legislation and regulation at the statehouse and Chicago City Council. In addition, Jeremy assisted with the office’s business development initiatives through the drafting of proposals and client contracts.

Prior to joining McGuireWoods Consulting, Jeremy worked as an account executive at Resolute Consulting, an independent national public affairs and strategic communications firm. In that role, he assisted with the formulation of communications and outreach strategies for Resolute clients in the healthcare, energy, financial services, and real estate sectors. He also worked closely with the firm’s partners and other senior leadership on business development and marketing initiatives.

In addition to his experience at Resolute, Jeremy worked as field organizer on a Chicago aldermanic race.

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