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Our expertise and experience cover everything from the very beginning of an idea for new legislation all the way to the end of the process, the moment the Governor pens his signature on the bill. This includes helping to draft bills at the Legislative Reference Bureau, researching how to make your legislation as effective as possible, getting the key stakeholders in Springfield to support your ideas, testifying in committees, working a roll call in either the Illinois State House or State Senate, and so much more. Need help pushing for an amendment on a vital piece of legislation of concern to you? Need someone to persuade the governor to sign or veto a bill you care about? Need someone to emphatically represent you and your interests to all the key players in Springfield? Just want to keep track of every bill making its way through Springfield that could possibly affect your interests? Zephyr’s experience in the legislative process is unmatched and we will not stop until our efforts pay off.

Our Legislative Expertise

With decades of experience in and around state government, Zephyr also understands that the legislative process is so much more than just committee meetings and government bureaucracy – relationships go a long way! Zephyr’s extensive connections will open doors all across the capitol for you and unlock opportunities otherwise hidden to anyone trying to navigate the legislative maze alone. We have extensive experience in identifying the key players in Springfield for any legislative topic imaginable and know how to reach out and make connections with laser focus to ensure that your ideas are heard, supported by, and advocated by all the right people.

 How Zephyr Government Strategies Can Help Your Business

Zephyr understands that it is critical to ensure that your interests are always taken into account. Oftentimes, critical decisions on legislation and policy are made outside the House chamber or Senate floor. Without an experienced representative like those from Zephyr Government Strategies, you may miss out on the consequential closed-door meetings that decide the fate of entire bills before they are even put to a vote. Our extensive contacts with experienced leaders in Springfield will ensure that every time a consequential decision is made, Zephyr will be in that room fighting for you and your interests. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help with your legislative lobbying needs. 


What is legislative lobbying?

▪ Legislative lobbying is a service done for any client with an interest in staying connected to their local legislature through an experienced, connected lobbyist. Legislative lobbying allows you to make your voice heard and your interests respected by the leaders you elect when the time comes for them to pass bills into law. Expert legislative lobbyists leverage extensive connections in every step of the legislative process to effectively influence and shape what becomes law. 

Who has Zephyr worked with in legislative lobbying?

▪ Zephyr has worked with clients in a wide variety of fields, including local municipal governments and private clients in healthcare, cannabis, finance, transportation, and advocacy to make their voices heard in the Illinois legislative process. On behalf of our diverse array of clients, Zephyr has drafted laws, passed laws, repealed laws, amended laws, and shaped the debate in Springfield. 

Michael Cassidy Founder and Principal

Before launching Zephyr, Michael spent more than a decade as Senior Vice President for State Government Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting, where he counseled a diverse roster of clients, helping them define and achieve a wide range of objectives at all levels of government. In addition to his state government affairs work, Michael led the firm’s national multi-state practice, helping clients in statehouses across the country. Whether developing and executing a stakeholder engagement strategy, finding and managing teams of contract lobbyists or managing new market entry, Michael has an extensive network across the country that can help clients reach their goals.

Michael began his career as a senior legislative staffer for former Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, where he gained an appreciation for legislative dynamics, including balancing the interests of various constituencies, driving momentum by forming creative coalitions, and effectively leveraging media attention to build critical support for the caucus and its initiatives.

“We realize that dealing with government at all levels can be scary, but so is being trapped in the old school status quo. Zephyr helps our clients navigate the government maze with confidence by finding the right exit ramp and by promoting mutual wins. While valuable outcomes don’t often come easily, we believe that clear thinking and hard work is the shortest distance between two points.“

Jeremy Duffee Executive Vice President

Prior to joining Zephyr, Jeremy spent nearly half a decade working for McGuireWoods Consulting where he managed the office’s legislative tracking platform and provided analysis of all pending legislation and regulation at the statehouse and Chicago City Council. In addition, Jeremy assisted with the office’s business development initiatives through the drafting of proposals and client contracts.

Prior to joining McGuireWoods Consulting, Jeremy worked as an account executive at Resolute Consulting, an independent national public affairs and strategic communications firm. In that role, he assisted with the formulation of communications and outreach strategies for Resolute clients in the healthcare, energy, financial services, and real estate sectors. He also worked closely with the firm’s partners and other senior leadership on business development and marketing initiatives.

In addition to his experience at Resolute, Jeremy worked as field organizer on a Chicago aldermanic race.

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